Photos around the house

Since I am finding myself stuck indoors so often now, my photographic opportunities have become MUCH harder. And, as usual, my youngest gets quickly annoyed at my requests to, at least, stand still for a shot.

I am getting a little creative though - like asking her to look at me THROUGH the barbie house. That was a little more exciting for her, and resulted in a pretty nice shot!

Day 152 of 365 - Kallie the princess

I also try to capture her just lying around enjoying the tough life of a 3 year old.

Day 154 of 365 - My Lounger

And sometimes I can distract her by telling her to "Look outside! Is Daddy coming?!", yes, I am a sneaky one..

Day 153 of 365 - Oh my!!!

But sometimes, the most I can muster is a plead to just stand still for 1.2 seconds. Eye contact is optional.

I'm not looking!

Unfortunately, although she is only 3, she is quickly becoming wise to my antics. I think my days are numbered.