The "L" family!

Last weekend I met up with the "L" family! Mom really wanted to get some photos of her adorable 4 year old son and their new boxer puppy.

Unfortunately, when you take a 4 year old and his puppy out to a playground on a very cold afternoon, things don't always work out as planned. We weren't able to take much time for their little boy to get to know me since everyone was eager to just get the photos done and get back into their warm cars!

But, at first, he was fairly cooperative in letting me, this very strange photographer lady, take some photos of him. He had the absolutely cutest little look on his face. And you just know he doesn't completely trust me. But I tried to quickly warm up to him and I was able to capture some very nice shots.

Look at those blue eyes!! Wow!!



And I got a few nice shots of him and his mom:


Unfortunately, Mom's plan to capture her boy with his new puppy fell flat. And this is pretty much the only shot I got - BIG puppy getting just a bit too rough.


Well, maybe we can get another opportunity on a warmer day!! Thanks you all so much for this opportunity!!!