Mr."B's" Senior Portraits

This week I had the opportunity to try my hand at senior portraits. Mr. "B" is an avid snowboarder and really wanted to get some photos with his new snowboard in a very snowy environment.

Well, after the past week's never ending snowfall, we had about three FEET of snow to work with! More than enough! We met at a local park which looked absolutely gorgeous with all the snow.

I took some photos of Mr. "B" with his snowboard. And then we included his little sister - also an avid snowboarder - in some shots as well. I think the photos turned out just beautiful!!

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I also took some shots of the brother and sister acting like a typical brother and sister - horsing around and being a bit crazy. I absolutely love these shots.

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We are going to complete this session by getting some more traditional, non-snow portraits in a few weeks. Maybe when the weather is a bit warmer?

Thank you all so much for this opportunity. I really enjoyed my first foray into senior portraits!!