Some of my best (favs) of 2008!

Since we just started a new year (a couple weeks ago..), I thought I would put together a little "best of" post showing some of my favorite photos from 2008.

It was an amazing year as my love of photography continued to grow by leaps and bounds. And then I got the crazy notion that maybe I can actually be one of those incredibly lucky people who actually makes a career out of something they absolutely love. How successful I will be still remains to be seen, but I do know that I am loving every minute of it!

As you probably know, I prefer more natural portrait photography. I photograph only on location, like your home or a park, and I try to capture people as they really are. I don't want to force a pose, or make you feel uncomfortable. I want you to look back on your photo session and think "that was actually fun!". And I definitely want you to look back on the photos and think "they are just perfect".

One of my first shoots was when I took some engagement photos for a friend. I had the best time and I loved capturing the "perfect" moments between these two:



Of course, they are a gorgeous couple!!


I also took some photos at a neighborhood birthday party. The birthday girl and her tiny cousin were just adorable!!


If your little one is having a birthday, consider hiring a photographer. Why not take the burden off you? A photographer can make sure all those precious moments are captured in photos while you and your family can actually enjoy the moments.

Of course, everyone loves to also get some nice family portraits. And, late last year, I met and photographed some amazingly nice families. And I had the best time!



During my shoots, I like to take MANY photos. I really do this for two reasons. For one, it helps ensure I get plenty of good shots. But even more importantly, it enables me to capture those moments when the families are just interacting and being genuine. Which I think, makes the photos just perfect.





Of course, I couldn't have a "best of" post without including photos of some of my favorite people in the kiddos!!




Even though I love photographing people, sometimes it is nice to just capture those amazing and beautiful moments in nature.



I would like to thank everyone who has helped and supported me in my pursuit of this new passion. It honestly means the world to me. And I hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2009!!