Even more from the 'S' family!

I just had to share a few more photos from my 'S' family kiddos sessions. Mom stated that she loved black and white so I happily converted some of my favorite photos.

I know black and white is loved by some, and, well, not loved by others (like my husband). I personally think BW can look amazing, especially with the right photo. Carrie Sandoval (an amazing baby photographer) once stated:

“If you’re photographing in colour you show the colour of their clothes - if you use black and white, you will show the colour of their soul.”

Well, if that is true, you can see some pretty sweet souls here!


And I also wanted to share one of the family pictures we quickly captured at the end of the session. I love how mom and dad are looking so nicely at the camera, and sister and brother are just eyeing at each other. Too sweet!!!!!


And this is one of my favorite shots. Dad and little brother were also in the photo, but they were moving and were blurry. Mom and big sister however were sharing a sweet moment that I was so happy to be able to salvage!!


Again, thank you all so much!!!!