Some very cool kids on a very WARM spring day!!!

This weekend I had the opportunity to take photos for some long time family friends. The mom claimed she hadn't had pictures taken of her kids since they were tiny tots!! After weeks of cold and snowy weather, we finally scheduled the shoot for a mid-March date. And what a day it was!!!!

It was sunny, warm and absolutely perfect in every way!!!!

And, to make things even more perfect, I couldn't have asked for more photogenic "kids". Although this "kid" is quickly becoming a beautiful little lady.


And her little brother? Well, he may not have been entirely thrilled about the whole photo thing (what boy his age is??), but he was very sweet and took some very good photos!!!


I mean, look at these kids! They made my job of getting nice photos for their parents incredibly easy!!!!



And, of course, we wanted to get photos of brother and sister together:


And, of course, they had their moments of acting like any typical brother and sister!


Lastly, we got just a couple shots of the kids with some close friends who just happen to be my very own niece and nephew (whose shoot you may remember from a few months ago)!

Thank you all so much!!!