The 'S' family kiddos!!!!

Last week, I was lucky enough to have a wonderful day. Not only did I get an opportunity to take photos of two adorable kiddos, but we also had a sudden warm spell that day which allowed us to actually get a lot of OUTSIDE photos! Whoo-Hooo!!!! After many many weeks of extremely cold and snowy weather, everyone was so excited to actually get some fresh air.

We took photos at the end of the day, which, as any mom knows, is not always the best time of day for little kids. Tired kiddos aren't often very interested in a photo session. But these kids did great!!!

First off - check out Mr. Blue-eyes! Wow!!


And then we have Ms. Princess! Oh my!!!


Put these two together and you would swear you were looking at a catalog page!



And, as you can expect, when you finally let a couple cooped up kiddos outside, they just want to play!!!!


We finally moved the session indoors where there were many many "photo session worthy" corners. This little red nook made an amazing backdrop!!!


There were so many good shots from this session that it was really hard picking out only a few to post! I may have to add more as I finish up my editing.

Thanks all so much!!!!!