How many pictures are YOU in??

We take so many pictures of our kids. They are so cute, they are changing so fast, we want to capture every single moment.

I am rarely in a photo myself. Of course, since I am the photographer in the family, I am going to be the person who is usually taking the pictures. But I keep saying "I need more pictures of myself with my kids!".

Then I read THIS post on the Pioneer Woman's blog by her guest blogger - Miz Booshay (who has a great blog as well). Go ahead - read the post, I'll wait.......

...Isn't that so true????

Who cares if we are overweight, out of shape, full of gray hair, not nearly as "attractive" as we once were. Our kids know what we look like! And our kids love us exactly as we are right now. And they will someday love pictures of us as we are right now. They want to remember us. They want pictures that they can show their kids and their grandkids.

And they will treasure those photos forever.

So I am going to try to follow this advice as well. Today I took some photos of my Caroline in our backyard. It was such a gorgeous evening.


And my Kallie was bopping around - apparently annoying Miss Caroline a bit! LOL!!!

20090514-DSC_0220 copy

And then I set my camera on my step, put on the timer and jumped in the picture.

20090514-DSC_0281 copy

Now it is only a photo with one of my kiddos. It isn't a great photo. And Caroline looks a little startled. But it is a start.

Actually, this may be a great weekend project! Get some pictures WITH your kids not just OF your kids!

Have a good one!!