Jon and Beth...the wedding!

A couple weeks ago I had the incredible opportunity to try my hand doing a real-live wedding. Now, I did take photos for my husband's aunt's wedding a few months ago, but since this couple wasn't family, I considered it my first official wedding.

This couple was very friendly and very laid back. When I initially met with them, and started asking them about what types of photos they wanted, they really did not have strong opinions. In fact, they stated "we just want to get married" and they wanted someone who could capture that day in photos. And I was so happy to oblige them. I absolutely love when a couple is way more into the marriage then they are the wedding - as that is the exactly the way it ought to be!

It was an absolutely perfectly gorgeous April day. In fact, the temps were well into the 70's which isn't typical for April.

The wedding was held at an old Catholic church. I had never been in this church before, and I was blown away when I walked inside. The architecture and detailing was beautiful. And since Easter was only a week prior, the church was also filled with flowers. I don't think you could have asked for a more perfect setting.




THE kiss....


And I always love the photos as the couple walks out of the church.


After the wedding, I got a few shots outside at the receiving line. What a beautiful bride!


After the wedding, we did the traditional portraits inside the church. I had to post this photo because this bridesmaid claimed she takes horrible pictures. Yeah - I don't think so - gorgeous!!!


And then we were off to the reception. It was a small, but very nice affair. And this was my absolute favorite picture - probably my fav of the day. I like portraits, but I LOVE shots when the subjects have no idea I am taking a photo. That is when you really can capture something special. I absolutely how the bride is looking at her new husband while holding his hand. So beautiful!!!




And the bride dancing with the groom's daughter - just beautiful.


Towards the end of the reception, I asked the couple to come outside for a few shots on the balcony. It was so beautiful that afternoon.


Yup, gotta love that light!!!


Thank you so much Jon and Beth. Thank you for taking a chance with me, thank you for letting me share in your special day. I wish you all the best!