Beach Baby!

Last weekend, I had a wonderful opportunity to take photos for one of my oldest friends who was taking on a fairly monumental task.......babysitting her one year old nephew for 5 days! I was quite impressed with her bravery, as I am not sure I would want to take on such a task....but she did a great job and had such a great attitude!

Since this little munchkin lives out of town, I hadn't the opportunity to meet him yet. So, when he arrived in town, we made plans to finally get together. We decided to do a photo session at one of my most favorite places in the world...Presque Isle Beach.

Growing up in Erie, I loved our little beach. It isn't the ocean, but it was 15 minutes from my home so I could visit it almost any time I wanted - whether it was the middle of summer or the middle of winter. Those beaches are filled with so many great memories - sunning, swimming, boating, biking, running, rollerblading, hiking or just taking a drive....I loved that place (still do). And now I enjoy bringing my own little ones there.

Anyway, we found a quiet little beach with no people, and plopped little Max down. He wasn't the happiest little baby that afternoon. Sadly, we think he was just suffering from a bit of homesickness. But he was still such a trooper and was amazingly tolerant of the strange lady with the camera.

And here he is - Mr. Blue Eyes, dressed to be perfectly coordinated with the beach setting!




Oh, gotta love baby-toes!!!!


My friend was getting a bit worried that we weren't getting any shots. In fact, she said "we didn't get anything, did we?". He may have been a bit fussier than normal, but I think we got quite a few absolutely adorable shots!!!



I do have to say, this was probably one of my most favorite sessions to edit EVER. Obviously, this little boy is such a cutie, but every single time a photo like this popped up on my screen -

12 web

I would literally burst out laughing. I absolutely ADORE this face!!! You can just imagine what he is thinking.

"Lady, you are seriously getting on my nerves."

I also got some photos with his adoring aunt. You can definitely see that his aunt thinks he is a pretty special little boy. I love these next few shots of the two of them.

"Hi guys."


And these two shots - oh my - aren't they just adorable??? I often also convert some of my photos to black and white to give a client the option. Some people greatly prefer one over the other. I personally love these next two shots in black and white because I think it captures the emotion a little better.


OK, just a few more!!!

Let's try a new hat AND a lifeguard chair!


I love this shot too!!!


This is definitely one of my favorites of the day -


Thank you both so much!!! I had a great time and would absolutely LOVE to try this again sometime!!!!