A sweet senior!

Meet Lisa! Lisa is a sweet girl who I have "known of" for a few years now. Although we never actually met until now!

I have actually known Lisa's mom for a while and, as expected, Lisa was just as sweet and easy going as her mom. She was up for about anything and her great attitude made our afternoon quite fun and very stress free!

We started the session at her house. She didn't think there were many good areas for photos around her home, but with a few trees and some pretty light, we found quite a few scenic spots!


lisa web4

She has a little kitty that she absolutely adores, and she really wanted to include him in a few shots. However, if you know cats, you know that they aren't going ANYWHERE. If you want to see them, you come to them! LOL! So, Lisa brought her little (HUGE) cat out to her front porch for just a few shots.


About 1.2 minutes later, the cat was done and we were off for more non-cat photos.

Lisa is a voracious reader. So she and her mom thought it would be cool to take a few shots that would capture her most favorite hobby. I was quite happy to get some really pretty photos of her and her books in her own backyard.


After the we finished the shots at home, we ventured into town where I had found a cool little alley. Lisa was all for a more urban look and I took a ton of photos incorporating the cool brick and even graffiti covered walls.


lisa web6

lisa web7
I had a great time and think we got some very cool and very pretty photos. Thank you both so much!