Newborn sneak peak!!!

This week I was so happy to have had an opportunity to take photos of an adorable little newborn (well, what newborn isn't adorable??). This is baby Chase.


He was my first newborn shoot. I was so nervous, but that nervousness quickly faded. He made the entire experience so easy and so enjoyable. I just couldn't get enough of him. I probably took way more pictures than I needed to, but I couldn't help myself!!!

Anyway, I am just getting started with my editing of this session. So I will definitely be posting MANY more photos of Chase soon!!!

If you, or anyone you know, is expecting, please consider contacting me for your newborn photos. To get the sleepy, cuddly photos like the one above, you need to take the photos when your baby is about 6 - 10 days old. This is the time when they are still very curled up and when they will sleep through all the posing and moving around without getting too upset. It is a very small window of opportunity! The easiest way to ensure you can get those photos scheduled, is to contact me when you know your due date and I can pencil you in for an estimated session date. We can then set the actual session date as soon as you deliver!!!