Lovely Senior [light]

Well, this session is a little later in coming than I like, but my entire last week was wild and crazy (and not in a good way) and ended with my beloved computer being in the shop due to a nasty virus. Luckily, our local technician was able to completely overall the whole thing in less than a day. Apparently my computer must have been infected for MONTHS because it was incredibly slow and frustrating. But now I am back up and running -better and faster than ever.

Anyway - I often recommend to my clients that we do a photo session either in the early morning or the late afternoon. Why? Well, the light is nicer, less harsh, more beautiful. And my session with sweet Paige on an early summer evening definitely shows what beautiful light can do!

Our session was perfect in every way. Sweet clients, gorgeous location and, oh yeah, did I mention the light???









Paige is also a golfer so we ended our perfect session with a round of golf! OK, maybe not a round, but I got a few nice shots of Paige in action mere minutes before the sun set.


Thank you all so much! It was wonderful session and I wish you the best in all you do!!