More beautiful senior [light]

I know I may sound like a broken record - but yowza!! Having the right light can add that wow factor to a shoot like nothing else! And it doesn't hurt to have an absolutely adorable subject as well!!!

Meet Caitlin!


I met Caitlin at a local park for a morning shoot. Everything was absolutely perfect! It was the perfect temperature, perfect light and she was a perfect subject!!

The only thing that was a bit less than perfect were the bugs! We have been infested with black flies late this summer since our state didn't do their summer spraying to control the populations. So, unfortunately, most of us are really suffering. Including my seniors! The flies just don't leave us alone and I am spending time Photoshopping swarms of bugs out of otherwise beautiful photos! But, enough of that - back to the photos!

Caitlin was so sweet and so easy going, it was definitely a pleasure working with her!




Caitlin brought along her puppy and we got some beautiful photos of them on the dock.


And I got some photos of just Caitlin on the dock - so pretty!!!


Just a little more of that light! Wow!!!!


Thank you all so much!!!!