Yikes! I have been a bit busy and have definitely not been keeping up with my blogging!

Over a month ago, I had the pleasure of getting portraits for the "E" family kids. Well, even though they are "technically" kids, they are kids that are pretty grown up! We met at a local park on a gorgeous late summer afternoon. It was a bit hot, but very pretty!!

Danielle was so sweet and pretty and enjoyed it all. Her brother, Mitchell? Well, as a young teen boy, he pretty much would prefer to do anything else in the word rather than sit next to his sister and smile for the camera. I didn't mind - it was completely understandable and we still got a lot of really nice photos!

I mean - look how cute they are!!

E family11

E family2

E family3

We got a couple good photos of just Mitchell -

E family12

And we got a LOT of gorgeous photos of Danielle -

E family

E family6

E family4

E family10

And one more of the two of them!

E family13

Thank you all so much!!!!