Brag books!

Wow, what a crazy few weeks!

I have been very busy with seniors, engagements and families - and having an incredible time!

But in the midst of my busy-ness, my computer hard drive died and my brand new external hard drive went with it! Once I got that mess cleaned up, all 3 of my munchkins spent at least some part of the last week or so sick with (probably) the swine flu. I am definitely eager for a few very uneventful weeks to get caught up!!!!

Anyway, I wanted to post photos of some of the cool brag books my seniors have been ordering. A brag book is a 5x7 book with 30 of your favorite photos - of course, can also use more or less photos if you like. The pages are coated and the book includes a translucent cover. What a great way to show all your favorite photos from your session!!!

This is a brag book I did for one of my great seniors. So pretty!!!!!

brag book1

brag book

I know this blog has been slow lately, but I have lots of great sessions I will be blogging about very shortly!!!!!