A tiny miracle

I am so excited to introduce you to this little sweetie-pie.   Meet Deacon!!!


Deacon is an absolute sweetie I am also happy to say is our newest nephew!  He was born in late December and is actually quite a little miracle.  His parents waited a long time for him to join their family, but I know he was definitely worth the wait!!!!!  

[Most of us] found out my SIL was housing this miracle on, none other than, Mother's day!  I mean, how completely perfect is that???  And, after we all picked up our jaws off the floor,  and teased my BIL a bit  - sorry Bryan, we couldn't help it!, we had a wonderful Mother's day celebration.  And soon after their announcement, I made my own announcement "I will be over when he is about a week for newborn photos!". 

I love newborns.  I love holding them, I love smelling them, I love looking at them, and I really love photographing them.  I could not wait to take Deacon's photos. 

Deacon has been such a quiet and calm baby so far.  He was an absolute angel or my shoot.  Most of the time he was fast asleep.   I was able to move him in a variety of poses and hardly heard a peep out of him.   

About halfway through the session, he woke.  He was quiet and calm.  I snapped a bunch of photos of him looking at me (what are you doing lady?), and then we were able to get photos of him looking at his mommy and daddy.  Seriously, he could NOT have been more cooperative!  Oh, and we literally had one small accident - which, if you know anything about newborns - is pretty incredible!

So enough chit chat - let's get to the photos!!!!!

deaconweb8 deaconweb3 Aunt Irene, please just ONE more minute!! deaconweb Tickling Daddy's beard deaconweb1 Oh Mommy I love you SOOOO much!! deaconweb6 The new happy family- deaconweb7 deaconweb10 deaconweb4 deaconweb5

Thank you all so much!!!!!

If you or anyone you know is expecting a baby and may be interested in newborn photos, please contact me! Newborn photos should, ideally, be taken when your baby is 6 - 10 days old. Just let me know when you due date is and we can pencil in a tentative shoot date. Once baby is here, we can firm up the date and the details.

Remember, your baby is only this tiny for a [what seems like] a split second. Capture those moments before they are gone. I do all shoots on-location. I will come to your home, find a nice corner, and set up my little studio!