Project 365 - Day 11 and the "snow" peas

As I said in my original post - I am really loving being back to Project 365.  I have already taken so many more photos of my kids than I would have if I didn't have this "obligation".

Today I was playing around with my camera and tried some shots using BW in camera.  I usually convert color photos to BW after processing. 

I took this photo of my oldest girl right before dinner.   I was pretty happy with my SOOC shot (straight out of the camera).  But I added a bit of toning and then tried some texturing using TRA actions.  And now I love the shot! 

day 11

  Funny story about dinner tonight - my oldest was procrastinating during dinner, taking FOREVER to finish her peas.  I left the kitchen and she soon came skipping out declaring "I'm done!!".  Now, my eldest is a smart one, but I can "usually" still tell when she is trying to pull one over on me. I just could not believe she ate a pile of cold peas THAT fast (they were actually hot when they were initially placed on her plate). 

So I examined her mouth (no pea bits) and then started looking in napkins and on other plates.  Nothing.  All the while, she is insisting the peas were in her stomach.  I just kept looking her in the eyes and repeating my question until finally, I broke her.

She finally dissolved into tears admitting she threw the peas out the back door into the snow!  Believe me, it was damn hard to administer punishment (no Nintendo DS for the day) without even a smirk!