Snow day #2

Today was going to be a great day.  Today I was going to get a lot of stuff done.  Today I was going to ship off the family to school, go for a run in the snow, do some work, answer emails, get caught up on laundry, spend a few minutes relaxing with a great book. But today is not going as planned.

For some God unknown reason, the wise men of our local school districts decided 2 inches of snow (in NW Pennsylvania no less) warrants a "snow day". For the record, it is the second completely unnecessary snow day of the year.  So everyone, including my husband, is home.  


Now don't get me wrong, I love the kids, I love the hubby, but everyone [me] is usually happier when everyone is busy with their regular scheduled day. And mom is definitely happier when she doesn't have a day of housebound, stir crazy kids and one husband who likes to read and comment on whatever she may be doing, reading, saying etc etc etc.

Well, on the upside, maybe today, instead on working on my usual stuff, I can get outside and take some pictures and have some fun with my camera. It seems hard to find time to do that sometimes.

So maybe it will be a pretty good day afterall.

And because this is a photography blog, I better include a photo - my Day 27 of Project 365...