A Fabulous, Fall, Family Photo Session...the "M" Family!

This fall I met the "M" family at a local park.  It was a perfect fall day - bright sun, bright leaves, and perfect backdrops.  The "M" family's 3 kiddos were very cute, sweet and incredibly well behaved!  I was so impressed.  The youngest is 4, and being the mom of a 4 year old myself, I know how much they "love" getting their pictures taken!  Not much!!! But all three happily trounced through the park allowing me to capture some of my favorite pictures to date.  The love and the sweetness in this family is so apparent, I was so happy to be chosen to capture it! 

 The smiles, laughs and kisses were so genuine and so sweet!  And those are always my absolute favorite types of photos!

mweb1mweb8 mweb7 mweb4 mweb5 mweb6 mweb3 mweb2

Thank you all so much!!!