A fall family session with the 'S' family!!!

Well, we are in the middle of another snowy day, so I thought I would finally post some photos from one of my fall sessions [that I neglected to post MUCH earlier!].

The 'S' family may look familiar to some because this was our second shoot. I originally took photos for the 'S' family Christmas card  a little over a year or so ago, when their little munchkin had just turned one.

Well now little miss munchkin is 2, and they wanted to get some more family photos. Our first session was bitterly cold and snowy. The second session was just a bit nicer - an absolutely gorgeous fall evening! The only "little" problem to this otherwise perfect session was that we met at a local park with a playground and, as expected, little miss munchkin had absolutely NO patience for us adults and was way more interested in the "play" portion of the evening. And, hey, I don't blame her one tiny bit!

Luckily, with a fast camera and a faster shutter speed, I was still able to get some nice shots. I personally love these types of shoots. It is challenging, but capturing those perfect moments between a family and seeing those unique personalities are worth ALL the work.   And these genuine toddler smiles and giggles?  Absolutely priceless!!!!

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Thank you all so much!  It was really fun working with you all again!