February family photo - the outtakes

As you can imagine, getting 5 people to look good in a photo at the same time takes some work.  Especially when 3 of the 5 are little ones.  I think the rule of thumb is that you should take 5 shots per person.  So with 5 people in the family, you should take at least 25 photos (I think...please don't quote me on this).  During our first attempt at a family photo, we started out with a husband who wasn't too happy about shoveling the deck.  We also had one 8 year old who claimed she was "freezing" before we even set foot outside.  

I was pleasantly surprised at how good our photo turned out, considering all the crying, complaining and just plain ole goofing around that was going on during that 5 minute session.

I thought I would share some of the outtake photos.

First we have an overly dramatic 8 year old crying a few crocodile tears.  I am not sure what Kallie is doing.

Then we have some happier moments, but the photographer (me) didn't do such a good job in making sure we were all actually IN the photo.

And then we have the hubby, who is just, well,  a dork.


Luckily, after all this, we did get one (and ONLY one) good photo.

I can't wait to see what next month will be like!