Meet the "D" family - a snowy session!

Many people think that cold and snowy weather means outdoor photo sessions are impossible.  But I personally don't think there is EVER a time when outdoors photos are impossible (OK, maybe torrential rain...).  In the snow or with a backdrop of brown, leafless trees, when everything is colorless or drab, the subjects just POP with color!  I love it!! I met the "D" family on a very cold Sunday morning at a local park.  It snowed quite a bit the day before and the temps were in the teens, but the scene was oh-so- beautiful!

The 'D' family wanted photos of their little one and his two older cousins.  They were such a nice family and, for being so cold that morning, I was amazed at how sweet and accomodating the kids were! 

The only problem that morning was my camera started acting goofy!  It seemed to "freeze up" (no pun intended!).  I think it was the cold though, since it has been fine since then.  But I felt SO bad making the kids wait while my camera "caught up" and was ready for the next shot!

So - on to the photos!

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Thank you all so much!!!!