Project 365 - trying new things!

My 4 year old, Kallie, often tells me that she is "trying new things!".  Which is to say she is [finally] going to attempt to do something for herself, without any help.  She has always been a bit more afraid to learn new tasks, so we are always excited to hear her proclaiming she is "trying new things". My project 365 - a photo a day for a year - is such a wonderful way for me to "try new things" in photography.  Since I started this project, for the second time, on January 1st, I have taken a LOT of photos of my kids. Actually, pretty much all my photos have been of my kids.   Of course, being winter and being stuck inside for most days, there isn't much else to photograph other than the cat and a bunch of snow in my backyard.   

To keep from just uploading the same type of photo every day, I have been playing around, trying to be more creative in my composition, lighting and post processing.  Trying to keep things different and just more FUN!

Last night as I took my daily photos of the girls, I tried playing with lots of negative space.  And then I converted the photo to BW.   And I now I absolutely love this photo!  I think it would look so cute blown up BIG and hung in the girls room.  I love how it captures their goofy personalities!

day 49

I have said this before and I will say it again, I would HIGHLY recommend project 365 to anyone who wants to learn photography. You will be amazed at how much you will learn and improve over the year.