Life is good!

It was a very good weekend here at the Smith's.  We didn't have any plans for once - just another snowy weekend by the fire.  But sometimes, these quiet weekends when you can just appreciate what you have, and not complain about what you DON'T have, are often the best ones of all. On Saturday morning, I went for a wonderful run in the snow.  It may be hard to push myself out the door when it is cold and snowy, but once I do, I am always so happy.  The plow hadn't been through yet, so I donned my winter running shoes and enjoyed the soft snow and quiet. 

My Christina spent some time in the afternoon with a friend and then in the evening we all snuggled on the couch for a family movie night!  We don't do this nearly as much as we should.   We watched a Harry Potter movie complete with popcorn and tootsie rolls.  Can't get much better than that!

On Sunday I made homemade cinnamon rolls for the first time.  Actually, I started them Saturday evening and finished them in the morning.  Oh my.  I never realized how much better the homemade version can be, and I am always so happy to figure out how to make something completely from scratch!

Sunday afternoon we took the girls for some sledding and snowboarding.  Caroline pretty much hated every second and ended up back in the car with me listening to music.   She was really just there to get some fresh air and watch the other girls, but for some reason, didn't want to be involved.  AT ALL.

The snowboard Christina has is actually one we found last year in someone's trash.  No, we weren't dumpster diving.  A family left a couple snowboards sitting next to their garbage one night, so we stopped and picked them up!  They aren't pretty, but they are perfect for the little hills around our house.  And Christina has proved to be quite the agile girl.  She hopped on the thing and sailed down the hill without giving it a second thought.  She loves it!  Well, you know what they say "one man's trash is another man's treasure"!!

And today, everyone is back to school and all is well.  Caroline had some minor surgery last week and will be in leg casts for 5 weeks.  We kept her home last week, but she is doing great and went back to school today.  She really seems to love school and it is so good for her.  I am so happy that she doing so well in spite of her casts and can resume a "sort of" normal routine.

Life is good!