Meet the "C" family!

Phew.  Yes, I am still here!  This has been a crazy couple weeks.   

First my husband went out of town for a few days.  I hate when he is gone.  It is really hard being on your own with 3 little kids, one of which is very special needs.  I get very little time to myself. Luckily, as my kids get a bit older, it also gets a bit easier.  But we are all very happy to have him home again.

Second, I got sick.  Not flu bug/cold/infection sick, but weird, scary, "something is NOT right" sick.  Luckily I followed my gut and went to the ER.  And I was right, my iron was scarily low.  So [after a blood transfusion or two] I am popping iron pills, eating anything and everything that contains iron, and I am feeling better.  It will be a while before I am back to normal, but I am just THRILLED to be feeling close to normal.  I do have to say, when a mom gets really sick, it can really mess up the family.  And everyone is extremely happy that mom is on the mend.

Isn't it funny how a health scare can really make you appreciate what you have?  

So onto the "C" family!

The "C" family has been a  friend of my husband's for years.  Both guys swam on his swim team and now the older one is helping him coach.  They are a really fun group and I was so excited when they asked me to take family photos this winter. 

Yes, this WINTER.  These photos, as you can see, are a bit late in coming....

It was a snowy day, and we weren't sure if the shoot would even take place, but the snow was light and oh-so-pretty so we went ahead.  I love snowy portraits.  As I have said before, the colors of the clothes just pop out of the white snowy backdrop.

Anyway, the "C" family are hilarious and so much fun to work with.   I really had a blast!  And I think the photos turned out pretty nice too!


And the eldest Mr. "C" with his gorgeous bride-to-be.  Yes, their family will be getting a bit bigger this year! 


Thank you all so much!!!!!!