Five people, twelve times - month #3!

It is April and month #3 in my once a month family photo session.  This first weekend of April was also Easter Sunday, so I thought I would get a photo of the whole crew in their Easter Sunday best!

We are Russian Orthodox and if you know the Russian culture and religion, Easter is definitely the biggest holiday of the year.     

Before embarking on our trip up to spend the day at my parent's home, I rounded up the troups for our monthly family photos (inspired by Tara!).    I loved quite a few of the photos so I decided to post more than one take.

I love the interaction in this photo - Caroline smiling at me, Christina smiling at Kallie and Kallie admiring Christina's "bling"!


I absolutely LOVE the perfect smiles on Christina and Kallie and Caroline looks so sweet smiling at her sister Kallie.


And in this one I love the beaming smile on sweet Caroline!!!!


Unfortunately, what I don't really love are the trees coming up out of my and my husband's heads!  But when you are balancing your camera on an Adirondack chair and are in a hurry, sometimes you forget some basic compositional guidelines!

So what has been new since our last family photos?

Christina has been doing well in school, as usual. Since she is done with swimming for now, she spends most of her afternoons and weekend running around outside with Kallie and any and all neighborhood friends that wants to join her.  She is always the social butterfly and party girl.  She is obsessed with the Nintendo game Nintendogs and everything Harry Potter. We read the first Harry Potter book together and she is very eager to get started with book #2.

Kallie also loves Nintendogs when she isn't crawling around the house pretending she is a dog. She likes preschool, but would much rather stay home and play with Christina.

Caroline got her casts off! She was so happy to finally be able to soak her feet and legs in a warm bath. She has been doing so well in school and hasn't been sick in MONTHS! For a girl who was predicted to be frail and sickly, she is definitely doing her best to prove each and every one of them WRONG.  I don't think that cutie pie with the big smile looks frail at all!

Eric is done with coaching swimming for another year.   He had a really good state meet in mid March.  He was worried that he may just have one guy to quality for states.  They ended up with 4 and one earned a medal!  But now he is home most evenings and weekends - just in time for the all the spring and early summer yardwork!

And me? Well, as I had mentioned in a previous post, I had a serious scare when I started feeling very weak and shaky and dizzy. I ended up in the hospital due to a very low blood count. I found out I had severe anemia so I am popping iron pills and trying to eat an iron rich diet. Luckily my problem seems to be easy to fix, but I definitely did not like leaving and scaring my kids. Kallie and Caroline were OK, but Christina had a bit of a hard time.

Our weather lately has been amazingly warm. And our forecast is looking pretty good as well! Everything is starting to bloom and green up quite early. However, I am doubtful we are done with snow completely, but I definitely am enjoying this summer-like weather while we can!

Well, that is it for this April 5th, 2010! Until next month!!!