Spring evenings

We have had some pretty amazing April weather!  It has been warm and sunny quite a bit, and everything is greening up much earlier than normal.  But since we "usually" spend most of our year living with cold temps and brown backdrops, I will not complain about this early burst of spring! Yesterday my girls were playing out back while Daddy was working on firewood.  The light was beautiful, the grass was so green and I just had to get out and annoy my kiddos with just a few pictures. 

First I shot up high (I love these types of shots!)


And then I got down low:


And then I got a goof ball:


And then I got one girl trying to strike the "perfect" pose while the other was, well, "less than perfect":


And then I got one very sweet, very pretty, quite perfect (IMO) photo:

day 104

On a side note, I have noticed my backyard has the PERFECT light in the late evening.  The sun sets behind the house and reflects back off my white house to brighten my girls' faces.  I get a rim light, sun flare, and perfectly exposed faces!!!  So pretty!!!