Sweet little beauty | Venango County Pennsylvania Newborn Photographer

  Oh...newborns.....I just love every single thing about them -  their smell, their tiny fingers and toes, their sweet vulnerability and their absolute perfection.    I know some moms claim they love newborns, but don't necessarily want to relive those days again.  Not me.  I would definitely give up some sleep and time to myself to be able to enjoy those newborn moments again.  

A few weeks ago a dear neighbor friend had her first child - a darling baby girl!   And, of course, if anyone in my vicinity has a baby, they can be sure I will be at their door, with my camera ready for newborn photos. 

I photographed J at one week.  She was such a good little girl (although what newborn isn't?).  She slept most of the time, only cried a tiny bit and was quickly quieted with a feeding.  We had one spit up (caught on camera!) and a couple accidents!  But nothing one mom, one dad and one photographer can't handle!

And I do have to say it again, I am SO sorry that I never thought to get newborn photos of my own 3 little girls.  Our little ones are only this tiny for such a short time!  I know how tired and overwhelmed a new mom is, but if you miss those moments, they will be gone before you know it!  I do all shoots on location, so I will travel to your home and work around you and your baby's schedule.  No rush, no need to go the trouble of traveling to a studio - just stay home,  relax and enjoy the experience!!

Onto the photos!  Meet beautiful Miss J!


And with her sweet mom:


Thank you all so much!!!!