Wall prints!

Back in the day, way before I decided to study and improve my photography, I would take a ton of fun photos with my friends.  And, if I had a photo I particularly loved, I would blow it up, BIG, so I could hang it on the wall.  How big?  Well, 8x10 of course!  Fast forward a few years, I start to become obsessed with photography, I start to read every and any photography blog I can find and soak it all in.  And then I read a blog post from a photographer (whose name I can NOT recall for the life of me) who stated:

"8x10's are NOT wall prints!"


She went on to explain that an 8x10 is almost always too small to hang on a wall.  Unless you have a very small space, or are using it within a large collection of photos, an 8x10 will typically be lost in the expanse of a wall.  She showed examples of how much better a LARGE print looks.  And when she said large, she was talking BIG - much bigger than your typical sizes.

After reading that article, I completely agreed.  And I realized that the vast majority of the photos hanging in my house were way too small.   The photos were hard to see across the room and they had no impact whatsoever.

So I decided I would start re-doing my wall photos.  (Sadly, I also have a serious problem deciding what photos are good enough for my walls so I have been "working" on this project for a couple years with very little progress).

The one room I did start doing this was my bedroom.  I took a photo a couple years ago of two of my girls at the beach.  It has always been one of my favorite photos, it is the kind of photo that I can just stop and stare at over and over again.  So I took this (unknown) photographer's advice and printed the photo as a 16x20.  I mounted it on styrene and bought a frame.  I LOVE it.


You can see my "desk photos" below that are sized at 8x10. And you can definitely see that if I hung the 8x10's instead, they would be lost and look out of place. And, to be honest, I probably would like this photo even larger. But I took it with my older camera and I was a bit nervous to blow it up too big. Although it probably would have been fine.

One of the parent's of a senior client from this past summer told me that she wanted BIG photos of her son. And when said big, she meant BIG! She ordered 3 photos sized 24x36! I was very interested to see these photos after they were hung on her walls and she was nice enough to let me stop by and even take some photos!


Aren't they beautiful!!!!

If you would like to learn more about large wall prints - give me a ring!