Balloons, lollipops and daffodils...OH MY!! | Venango County Pennsylvania Child Photographer

  I recently had a shoot with a 2 year old little girl.  As the mom of 3 little girls, I am well aware of how much 2 year olds (or 4, 6 or 8 year olds for that matter..) are typically interested in photos.  NOT MUCH.

But this little girl was one of the most amazing 2 year olds I have EVER met.  She was oozing cuteness with her big brown eyes and beautiful curly hair.  But that wasn't neccessarily the most amazing thing.  The amazing thing was that  she was extremely willing and happy to follow me and her family throughout a local park while we found picture perfect settings filled with flowers and greenery.   She didn't fuss, she didn't complain, she didn't cry.  She just posed and smiled.  Wow.

Prior to this shoot, I have always wanted to try adding a few "props" to a little one's session.  Especially a session where the little one is by his/herself and doesn't have other family members to interact with.  I thought this would be the perfect shoot to try such props.  So I arrived for our late afternoon shoot armed with balloons and lollipops!  And carted my props around while we found beautiful blooming forsythia bushes and bunches of daffodils growing in the woods.  It was the perfect setting and a perfectly warm day.

The little girl absolutely loved the "props".   And she smiled and posed like she was true professional!  I really have never seen a little one so easy and so compliant. 

The photos turned out just perfect.  I am still amazed at how absolutely easy she made my job.  Thank you all!!!