Five people, twelve times - Month #5!!!


Yikes! I am just squeaking by with my month #5 family photo!   This photo was taken yesterday, on Caroline's 7th birthday!   I am always so excited to celebrate another of Caroline's birthdays and prove, yet again, to all the experts that the so-called experts can be oh-so-wrong.   Caroline is seven and she is happy and healthy and still going strong! 

So, what is going on this month of June?

Well, it is the first month of summer vacation so I have EVERYONE home.  Every. Single. Day.  Usually that is OK, but some days it can get a bit much.   I definitely know why my own mom used to get so excited for the first day of school.  Summer is NOT a vacation for mom.  I have more kids, more meals, lots of snacks, more messes, more fighting, and a lot less quiet time.  Oh well, I also know these days of little ones go so fast and before I know it, I will have an empty house all the time :(.   So I am also enjoying these days as much as possible.

June has been a good month.  We had a family vacation last week to the mountains of Tennessee.  Caroline stayed home with her grandmother (Mimi) which really was so nice.  Tennesse was definitely not a vacation for Caroline.  We went boating, horseback riding, swimming and some relaxing.  She would have liked the relaxing part, but not the driving, boating, swimming etc.  We missed her so much, and it was really strange not to have to think about her schedule for feedings and meds her for 5 days,  but we know she was SO much happier at home.  And it was nice to have so much more freedom to do things with the other girls.  The vacation home was wonderful - clean and comfortable with an amazing view.  I am planning on blogging more about the vacation later. Actually, I have a LOT to blog about, and should have many new posts very soon! 

Christina is back into summer swim team.  She also spent a week taking golf lessons this month and her Dad is quite excited to get her out on a course this summer.  Hopefully she will enjoy it as much as he does.   Christina is also, as usual, living life to the fullest.   She is my party girl, she loves to have friends and family over to visit or to go visiting, she will stay up as late as absolutely possible, she will only sleep if forced to, and she is usually the first one up in the morning.  She never wants to miss a second of the day.  I wish I had just a tenth of her energy.

Kallie turned 5 this month.  She is as crazy as ever and continues to be our comedian.   She is also becoming quite the skinny minny.  She grew about 1  1/2 inches over the last 6 months...and lost a pound!  She definitely is enjoying having her sister and dad home for the summer.  She loved her birthday party this month and her favorite gift was probably a purple lizard her Mimi got her from the dollar store.  She is such a goof and has developed a love of lizards.  She carries the thing around all day.  He even sleeps next to her in bed.  Kallie also has decided to assume the role of  "Superdog" this month.  She puts on her swim goggles, and crawls around the house.  She has been playing this role for about 3 days now.   She insists that Christina must play Superdog with her, but Christina, understandably, has no idea what Superdog is and how to actually play it!  Fortunately, Kallie finally let her in as to how the game is apparently played and Christina has nicely played along with her crazy sister.

Caroline is doing so well.  She enjoyed a month off from school, but will be back in school in July.  She is also having a good time at horseback riding.  She goes to a handicapped horseback riding program once a week.   She has been going for a few years now.  It is such a wonderful program and Caroline actually seems to enjoy herself.  Caroline also has been enjoying her pool this summer.  She got a pool through Make A Wish a couple years ago.  We have a float rigged up that fits her just perfectly.   She can sit and kick and float around the pool and she absolutely LOVES it! 

Eric is enjoying his summer vacation.  He is helping at the Y with the summer swim team and is doing odd jobs around the house.   I have a few projects I hope will finally get started now that our family vacation is done. 

Well, that is it for now, this 29th day of June!  Until next month!!!