Happy [early] Birthday Sweetie Pies!

That is Sweetie Pies, plural.  I have two little ones with birthdays only 5 days apart so we always have done their birthday celebrations together.  Kallie will be turning 5 next week and Caroline will be turning 7. 

I can't believe my "baby" is 5.  I mean, that is school age!!!  Although we have decided to hold her back and let her enjoy another year of preschool before throwing her into the trenches of the "public school system".  School is so different and so hard nowadays that I feel giving my kids the advantage of at least being older when they are forced to deal with some of the harder and some of the more awful aspects of the school years. 

And Caroline, she is turning 7!  For a child who was deemed most likely "not compatible with life" and given a prognosis of "less than one year" and predicted will live life as a "vegetable" - she is doing pretty damn alright.  

And next week, we are going on our first family vacation!!!!  We have been on many vacations before, but we always go with extended family members.  This year we are packing up the girls and heading to a lake house in the mountains.  We are SO excited!!!  Caroline is staying with Mimi (grandmother) so it is just the four of us.   We are planning on just relaxing by the lake, doing some boating, some hiking, and some horseback riding.  And also doing lots of nothing!  We will be [almost] completely out of touch with no cell service and no internet (yikes!).  But that is OK, a few days of being unplugged would probably be good for me.

Since Kallie's actual birth date will be when we are gone, we celebrated Caroline and Kallie's birthday this week with an early pool party/birthday party.  We invited the crazy cousins and everyone had a blast.


And Caroline seemed to have a good time - rocking out with her new shades!


Well, I better get back to my packing and planning and laundry and shopping and editing and.......until next time!!!