Stacey and Ian, The Wedding! | Venango County Photographer

 I recently had the honor of photographing Stacey and Ian's wedding.  When Stacey and Ian contacted me, they stated their wedding was going to be very small and it was going to be at Ian's parent's home.   And I thought that sounded just perfect!  I love small weddings! There were a grand total of about 16 people at the wedding, and that included the bride and groom and the pastor!  The weather was quite iffy as the day approached, but when the day finally arrived, it was absolutely perfect!  The skies were blue, the grass was green, the flowers were in bloom and the weather was warm!  Ian was decked out in his dress blues and Stacey wore a simple, but elegant strapless gown.  Who could ask for anything more! 

I met with Stacey and Ian a couple hours before the wedding.  They wanted to do a "first look" and get all their bride and groom photos done before the ceremony.  I would highly recommend this to any couple.  The first look, where I capture the moment the bride and groom see each other for the first time that day, and the subsequent photos, were relaxed and fun and turned out just beautiful.

I also want to mention that I the thing I love to photograph at weddings the absolute most are the "moments".  I  love to capture the honest emotions, the interactions, the events and the feelings that occur during the course of a wedding day.   I look back on my own wedding photos, and my favorite photos are not the posed portraits or the group shots.  My favorite photos are the ones that capture the geniune smiles and sweet moments that make me remember how I felt on that day.

Anyway - onto the photos!

As I mentioned, the wedding took place at the groom's childhood home by the river.  And what a picture perfect day! 


And here is the first look!

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We then took a walk to a nearby bridge for some beautiful and intimate photos.


As I said, I love moments! The photo on the left, of the bride and groom, is just beautiful, but I have to say the photo on the right, of the bride and groom with their geniune laughter, shows just how happy these two really are. And it is definitely one of my favorites!


Then the groom pointed out that his bride was looking pretty fab while she was relaxing and watching him getting portraits taken, and I had to get a shot. 



The gardens around the home were just beautiful and I had a blast finding cool locations for the ring shots. 


And another moment as the bride and groom hang out before the ceremony.  I love how the photo captures their playful personalities and shows how relaxing the entire day really was.


And, finally, the ceremony. It was simple, emotional and just perfect. 



And yet another "moment". This is the moment, right after the kiss, that the groom feels something crawling down his shirt!  I love it!


And one last sweet photo of the happy Mr. and Mrs!


Thank you all so much! I am honored to have had the opportunity to document your special day. I hope you both many many years of happiness!!!!