Five people, twelve times - month #6!


Well, here we are in the month of July - the sixth month of my once-a-month family photo project!

July was a good month.  We finally have had lots of sun and warm weather so our kids have been in the pool almost every day.  Their hair is stiff and full of chlorine, but they are happy and swimming like fish!

So, what is new?  Well, I took this photo with my new D700 camera!  Yesiree!  I upgraded to a full-frame and I am absolutely thrilled.  I love it and am so excited for my upcoming weddings and many senior shoots to really see this sucker in action.  My old camera did a very good job, but this guy will ROCK in the low light!   I also love having a wider angle, I took this photo with my 50mm which is usually too long for a group shot like this.

This month we had a short trip up to my hometown to stay with my parents and enjoy the summer activities.  The kids absolutely LOVE going there and spending lots of time with their cousins.  They are truly the best of friends.  We did everything and anything on this visit - amusement park, beach, party, picnics and my husband and I even got an evening out alone!  You see, July is also the month of our wedding anniversary!  We have been married 11 years this month.  And, the interesting this is, we got married at my parents home and our wedding was on a Sunday afternoon.  This year, we were staying at my parents on our anniversary which was also on a Sunday this year!  So, the hubby and I went out to a little restaurant on the bay and enjoyed some cocktails and some alone time.

Yesterday was my 25th high school reunion - which I, sadly, did not attend.  I had thought about it, but we just didn't have the motivation to either pack up the kids to stay again at my parents or to find a babysitter for the kiddos and make an one hour trip each way.  So we stayed put.  And now I see all the photos on Facebook and I am really bummed we didn't go.  Oh well, I guess we have next time!

Our little Caroline is doing really well.  She is going to horseback riding every week and recently has had some remarkable improvement.  She has been going for 4 years, but in the last couple weeks, it is like it all clicked and she started holding on better and sitting on that horse like she knows exactly what she is doing.  It is so sweet!!!!

Kallie has finally 'taken off the floaties" and is swimming all on her own.  She took swim lessons all winter, but it took some time before she felt comfortable swimming in our pool without floaties.  She is doing so well.

Christina continues with summer swim team a few days a week.  And when she gets home, she gets in the pool and continues practicing her strokes.   She is enjoying her summer, but can see there are moments when I know she would benefit from more structure in the day.  She really thrives in school.  She loves waking early and being busy all day.  So long summer days with no schedule can be tough sometimes.

Our summer has been really wonderful so far.  The kids have finally all reached the ages where they can stay up later and just sleep in longer in the morning.  When they were younger, late nights still resulted in early rising, but also meant very cranky kiddos.  This year we have had so much more freedom to go places and do things without worrying about early bedtimes.   It really has been so nice.

As we approach August, I am nervous that it is all going to go too fast.  Only a few weeks and school will start.  We have so much more we want to do yet and are not sure we will fit it all in.  August is getting busy with weddings and now senior photos and time is quickly running out!

Until next time!!!