The "F" kiddos!! | Venango County Pennsylvania child photographer

  A few weeks ago I [finally] took photos for my sister in law! She has two little munchkins. The last time I took their pictures was [only] about 1 1/2 years ago - yikes! So we were well overdue.

I was really eager to try out some new locations and be more creative.  I really love shooting in new locations, it is just so much fun.  So, my SIL and I went back and forth discussing ideas when she then had the BEST idea - find a train for Carson. Her son has been fanatically about trains for pretty much his entire life.  Although he comes from a family of train loving grandpas and uncles, so it isn't a surprise.

Well, luckily, we live in a small town that is near a old train station that only runs sightseeing tours on the occasional weekend. So, on most days, there are a bunch of idle train cars, some cool overgrown tracks, and no people to speak of.   It was absolutely PERFECT.

And we all had the best time posing by the trains and along the tracks. It was the absolutely most perfect setting for Carson.  Now Carson also has a little sister, Brea.  She isn't crazy about trains like her brother, but she came along and enjoyed the "train portion" of the shoot just as much as Carson did.


After the train session, we travelled to a small local college that I recently discovered has the prettiest little garden.  I had taken a few pictures there of my own little one, but never tried a shoot before.   There are old stone benches, lots of ivy and flowers and I thought it would make really makes a beautiful backdrop. I was so excited that my SIL agreed on this location - it definitely was as pretty as I had hoped! 

And it was the perfect setting for a cute little girl in bright blue dress!  Of course, her brother didn't look too bad himself!


Seriously - what a cutie!


I would highly recommend trying to choose a photo shoot location that fits your child's personality and reflects who they are and what they love at this particular time in their young lives.  The photos will have so much more meaning in years to come and your child will have so much more fun during their session!!!  It is definitely a win-win situation!!!!