We interrupt this blog to announce - The Cat is Back!!!!

We had a bit of a crisis over in this part of the world yesterday. Our cat disappeared. Our cat, Ms. Nugget, is an indoor/outdoor cat. She has been in our family since Christina was 2, Caroline was 1 and Kallie was just a thought in our heads.

In the summer she is outside 90% of the time. She sleeps in the sun, deposits dead critters at our doorstep and visits neighbors as they take their evening walks. In the winter, she plops her oversized belly in front of our woodstove and snoozes from sun up to sun down and refuses to set one paw out in that cold, snowy world. She has a very good life.

And, honestly, she is an extremely good cat. She loves kids - all kids. She loves all people actually. She stays off the furniture [usually], she only scratches on her scratching post or outdoors, and she is very quiet. For a home with 3 little kids and one husband who [proclaims] to hate cats, she is just perfect.

Nugget also has a very strict routine in the summer. She eats about 7 at night, and then goes outside. She comes back about 10 to top off for the night, and then goes outside again for the night. In the morning, when we wake, she is usually at the door. She comes in, eats her leftovers and then takes a nice long snooze until midday.

Except yesterday. She wasn't at the door in the morning. We left in the morning for swim practice and she didn't greet us when we got home at lunchtime. The kids swam in their pool in the afternoon and she didn't come around. We took a walk in our woods around dinnertime, looking for signs of a cat, nothing. We left after dinner to take Caroline to horseback riding and then stopped to visit friends and got home very late. And, again, no cat.

At this point, I was pretty sure our Nugget was gone. Christina has the job of feeding her every night and it just broke my heart when she asked "should I feed her tonight?" And I had to answer "no sweetie, not tonight."

After I tucked in the girls, I noticed my poor Christina lying there in a ball with tears in her eyes. She was absolutely heart broken that her kitty seemed to be gone. I went downstairs and just prayed that I would hear that [usually annoying] sound of her scratching on the screen door for her evening meal. And I kept thinking about how awful it is when your child's pet dies.

I finally decided to head to bed when [I thought] I heard a scratch. I assumed it was my mind playing tricks. I started to close up the house, when - there she was. Sitting at the door, looking at me like "what's the problem lady?"

I was never so happy to see that damn cat. I fed her and sent her downstairs for the night. And I can't wait for the girls to wake to see who's waiting for them!!!


Day 101