Another session with sweet Deacon!!! | Northwest Pennsylvania Child Photographer

.A while back, I had another session with dear sweet Deacon!  Mr. D is not only a sweetie pie, but he is my nephew!!  I took newborn pictures of Deacon on a cold January morning, and was so excited to spend a warm summer morning doing 6 month old pictures!

Deacon was a very easy newborn, but he was a bit more challenging at 6 months (although usually the opposite is true!).  Of course, he is teething, and was more tired than normal, so Aunt Irene and her camera were not exactly what he wanted that morning.  And, not only that, but he had recently discovered rolling from front to back and back to front and every which way in between.  So getting him to sit still for one second to look at me was not very easy!

But little Deacon tolerated his session long enough to get some adorable pictures throughout his home and in the backyard.   He is such a happy little boy and [typically] so easy going.  My girls absolutely adore their newest cousin and, as I worked on his photos, they would often walk past, stop, and just sigh and say "I love Deacon".  So sweet!!!

But, enough talk, here is the little man!!!!!


Thanks so much guys!!!!!  I can't wait for the next time!!!!!!