Renee and Jameson - The Wedding | Northwest Pennsylvania Photographer

. I recently had the honor of photographing the wedding of Renee and Jameson.  You may remember this couple as I took engagement photos for them last fall.

Renee and Jameson's wedding was, honestly, such a pleasure to photograph.  They are an extremely sweet couple who are honestly in love.  There wasn't any over-the-top pomp and circumstance, just honest to goodness love.  There were tears at the rehearsal and lots of tears at the wedding.  Everyone was happy and real and just plain fun to be around.

And I, personally, think that is just the way it should be.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, my absolute favorite types of photos are ones that capture moments.  And Renee and Jameson's wedding was full of beautiful moments!!!

I met Renee and Jameson a couple hours before their wedding. They wanted to do a "first look" and they wanted to get as many wedding party and family photos done before the wedding as possible.

There were a lot of tears at this wedding, starting at the rehearsal when Renee had trouble even practicing her vows without crying. The tears continued to the wedding day when, as we were getting ready for the "first look", Renee came into the church and saw her parents and the tears flowed again.


I commented to Renee's mom that I absolutely love the tears. I feel that they show that this day is important and moving and filled with love. Just as a wedding is supposed to be!

We then went on for a first look.


There was a lot of nervousness and anticipation prior to this moment, but once Renee and Jameson has few moments to themselves, they felt calmer and more ready for the rest of the day. We then made our way to a local park for some bride and groom portraits. It was such a pretty day and we were able to get some beautiful portraits that were unrushed and relaxed and beautiful.


And a couple of my absolute favs of the day -


The ceremony was just sweet and simple and filled with love and emotion.  As Renee and her father walked down the aisle, Renee is trying to hold back the tears.  And her husband-to-be is just beaming!  Love it!!


And these, again, are a series of my absolute favs. What a great family.


The new Mr. and Mrs!!!


Congratulations Renee and Jameson!!!  I wish you both all the best!   It was such a pleasure and honor to be a part of your day.