Senior Twins! | Northwest Pennsylvania Senior Photographer

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking senior portraits for the "M" twins! Katie and Lucas are two very nice seniors. I met them and their family at their grandparent's home by the river.  We started our session down by the river and then meandered around their property. For twins, or BFFs or anyone who wants to share a senior session, the session fee is shared between both seniors but I give one individual gallery per seniors. During this session, Katie and Lucas took turns getting photos taken in various locations. Some seniors don't care if each of their backgrounds are the same, some want a variety. For those who want more variety, I take a few photos in one spot with one senior, and then change it up a bit and take some photos of the other senior.  And, if the siblings/friends/couple wants, I get a few shots of the two of them together.

It was a bit hot and humid during Katie and Lucas' session, but the light was gorgeous and oh-so-flattering!!! The property was gorgeous and had a lot of options for backdrops. And the photos were just beautiful!!!!


Wow - look at this light!!  These are definitely a couple of my favs from the session.  So pretty!


I also got a few photos of brother and sister for dear mom!


Thank you all so much!!!