Bubble, bears and blocks!!! | Northwest Pennsylvania Child Photographer

. A few weeks ago I spent an absolutely glorious morning with a sweet 2 1/2 year old - that is two AND A HALF.    That "half" is very important when you are said two year old.

I met sweet Kenzie and her grandmother at a local park early in the morning.  The sun was shining and Kenzie was smiling and talking like crazy.  Some may think two year olds can be "terrible", but I think they are terrific and really miss some of those days with my own little ones.  They just grow up too fast....

One thing I know about two year AND A HALF year olds is that their attention span is also about 2, about 2 minutes that is.  So I try to keep the session moving along and as interesting as possible.   For Kenzie's session I brought bubbles, blocks, Barney stickers, a crate, a blanket and goldfish!  (Hey, you never know what will appeal to a little one!)   Kenzie's grandmother also brought bubbles along with books!   And we successfully kept sweet Kenzie happily traipsing throughout the park for a good hour or so!

We started at the bridge - looking for fishies!


And soon we brought out the bubbles!


The crate and the books were fun for a bit.


And we then headed over to the playground!


I even tried a quick rendition of "Five little monkeys jumped on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head!"


And ended the session with a few minutes with the blocks on the blanket.


It was so much fun hanging with little Kenzie for the day.  I am sure you can tell from her photos, that she is quite the character!!!  Thanks sweetie-pie!!!  Hope to see you again!!!