Meet Autumn! Class of 2011 | Northwest Pennsylvania Photographer

. I would love to introduce you to Autumn!  I met Autumn and her mom in our little "downtown" about a month ago for a shoot.  She wanted a mix of urban, greenery, and [even] a waterfall!  I love to visit multiple locations if time allows.  It allows the senior so many different looks and such a variety of backdrops!

Autumn is a beautiful girl who has a lot going for her. She is sweet and ambitious and, I am sure, will enjoy a very successful life!!

We started the session in town.  I often suggest "urban" shoots to my seniors when they ask for suggestions.  Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, urban locations often get a bad rap.  Most people want greenery or fall colors and aren't up for photos in an alleyway.

Now I can completely understand that, because beautiful sun and greenery can make for a beautiful backdrop.  However, as you can see from Autumn's pictures, the urban alleyway can be OH - SO- STUNNING!!!!!

Why is that?  Well, it all has to do with the light baby.  Light is everything, and on a bright day, in a shaded alley, the light bounces all over creating beautiful even light on the subject's face!   If you have any reservations - then just check out Autumn's stunning shots.  Yowza.


We had an outfit change and we tried another alleyway - and just WOW. The perfect light, the sharp contrast with the black and white and the lines from the painted alley walls, make for an amazing set of shots!


After the alleyways, we headed to the little park in the middle of town. It is such a quaint pretty park with a beautiful fountain the middle. Love it!


Lastly, we headed out for a bit of a drive and then trekked into the woods to find a well known, and absolutely beautiful waterfall. It was a bit of hike, and the light was definitely more challenging, but we still got some beautiful shots.


It was so nice meeting Autumn and her mom and I really enjoyed our afternoon session.  Thank you all so much!!!!