Meet Kaitlyn and Mike! Class of 2011 | Northwestern Pennsylvania Photographer


Kaitlyn and Mike took advantage of one of my BFF sessions late this summer (yes, I am SO way behind in blogging..) where they shared their senior session.  And I do have to say this session was definitely one of the most interesting and fun sessions to date.

We decided to do the shoot in and around Franklin, PA. Actually, when Mike's mom called to set up the session, I asked her to talk to Mike and Kaitlyn to see what type of setting they are interested in for their senior portraits.  She said "OK" and would get back to me.  When she got back to me she told me that Mike wants me to select the session based on my "artistic eye". Or something like that. Well, OK!!!  I love that!  I suggested a downtown shoot because I love shooting in town in the alleyways and along the street. The lighting is amazing and the color are amazing and the photos end up oh-so-perfect!!!

Kaitlyn is a sweet and smart and gorgeous girl. I absolutely LOVED shooting her.  She is the perfect subject, not only beautiful, but also so easy going and just pleasant to hang out with!  And, to top it off, she had great shoes!!!  I always tell my clients that shoes matter, and Kaitlyn definitely did a great job!  I love the adorable flats in the first few photos.  You can see how cute they are and how they really do make a huge difference to the shot.

Mike is extremely smart, pretty funny, good looking and very, well, goofy!   As I *tried* to suggest poses, he would come up with his own "poses". Things like a yoga pose, a surfing pose, an "up in the tree" pose. I shot those poses and included many in his gallery, really just for laughs. But interestingly, his mom choose some of those photos for his prints. Of course, I can understand why when his mom said "THAT is Mike!".

Stunning!!!  Aren't they???


And now to share what I considered an "outtake" and what Mike's mom considered "The cover photo for the brag book!". LOL!!! But, as I said, I can completely understand. This photo, albeit a bit goofy, definitely captures Mike's personality at this time in his life.  And when someone tells me my photo captured someone's personality, I am absolutely thrilled!


Thank you both SO much!!!!  I had a wonderful time and am so honored you chose me for your senior photographer!!!!  Good luck in all you do!