New stuff - coming soon!!!!

I am steadily working on finishing up all the wonderful fall shoots I have had, and, as a result, have been seriously neglecting this blog!!  I definitely need a better system at getting new blog posts up in a timely manner.   Once I get more caught up, I am sure I will be inundating this blog with new posts, so please stay tuned. But, until then, if you want to see some peaks at some of my shoots that haven't made it to the blog yet, please check out my Facebook Business page .  I have quite a few session photos there that will [eventually] be on this blog!

I will be so excited when I finally get ALL my wonderful shoots on my blog and my Facebook page.  It has been an incredible season!!!  And, since we are approaching the season of being thankful, I just want to say how completely grateful I am for every single one of my clients.   I just can't believe how lucky I have been.  I refuse to say I am so "blessed" because I really don't believe some of us are more blessed than others.

So I say I am so lucky.  I am lucky to have found a "job" that is nothing like any job I have ever had before and usually feels nothing like a job.  I love photography and everything about it.  I love learning to run my own business and be my own boss which has been a dream of mine from the get go.  I love that I still be home with my kids.  And even though I spend a lot of time doing my work on the computer while my little ones play beside me, I love that I am still actually BESIDE them.  And I get enjoy and be  in the middle of almost every moment of their childhood I can.  I love listening to the chitter chattering as I work, and I love that I am here to hear Kallie Wallie tell me there is no "ele-chickory" for the lamp (electricity).  I love that I can earn a little extra money which makes life a little more comfortable for all of us.  And I love that my job that lets me meet so many wonderful people that I probably would never meet otherwise.   Lucky I tell ya!

Well, better get back to work!!!  More to come soon!!!!