December Photo Project - Day 21 (and some Christmas musings)

DPP:  Day 21 of 25

Today I started wrapping gifts.  I am not sure why, but I always wait until almost the last minute to wrap gifts.  Before I had the kids and the husband and all the added gifts that brings, I would always wrap my gifts late on Christmas Eve.   When I was living out of town, I would come home for the holidays and bring all my gifts, along with all the wrapping materials.  And every year, whether I was living at home or on my own, I would wrap gifts late Christmas Eve.

Nowadays, I have just a few (hundred) more gifts to buy, so my Christmas Eve wrapping tradition is a bit impractical.  But I still like to wait until almost the last minute.  I often try to pick beautiful papers and big colorful ribbons.   Even though the wrappings will be ripped off and thrown away in mere minutes, it still just seems to make even the most practical gift a bit more special when they are presented with a beautiful bow.

Tomorrow is the last day of school before vacation starts.  I have had a couple sick kids the last week or so, but hopefully the illnesses will work its way out of our home so we can all enjoy Christmas to its fullest.

These days also are a bit melancholy, as I get my yearly reminder that my years with a Santa believing crew will quickly come to an end.  These years go so fast.

The first couple years, you have  little ones who aren't quite sure what the heck is going on.

The next few years, your little ones know EXACTLY what is going on and are absolutely beside themselves in anticipation.

And then, before you know it, it is all over.

Oh, I know Christmas is still exciting and wonderful and oh-so-fun.  But there is nothing like the magic of two little girls counting the days,  writing the letter(s!), setting out cookies, leaving wrapping supplies for one big guy in a red suit with a bunch of reindeer.

Merry Christmas!!!