December Photo Project - Day 7

Today my youngest wanted to go outside and play while waiting for her big sister and her Daddy to get home from school.  It was BITTERLY cold.  I assumed that she would last about 1.2 minutes before calling it a day. I assumed wrong.

She told me to "get your camera!" and she struck a few poses.   She must really be paying attention to all my client photo because she poses like nobody's business!  She then made a few snow angels, rolled across the front lawn, noticed the flag and stopped for a minute to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  A few more goofy pictures and then she told me "you can go back inside Mommy".    Well, OK!

Her dad and sister came home and her sister joined her and they played a game involving Shark Boy and Lava Girl.   About 10 minutes later, sister was done and back inside.

About 10 minutes later I ventured out for a winter run around the neighborhood.  She was continuing her Shark Boy game.  A few laps later, she is barking.  LOUDLY.  I stopped to inquire as to this interesting behavior, and she just explained "I'm barking MOM!".  OK.  As I continued my run, she continued to bark for about 3 more laps (about a mile).  At this point, after being outside for about 1 1/2 hours, she finally decided to call it a day.

day 7