December Photo Project - Days 3- 6

Day 6 and I am still going [semi] strong with my photo a day in December photo project.  My photos haven't been as nice as my first two shots for the month, but they still tell our story!

quad - day 3 - 6

I tried some nighttime "light trails" in our little town while my girls were enjoying their gymnastics and swim lessons.

I took some "eh" late night photos of our home after a great night out with the hubby.

I got some quick photos of our snowy yard in between snow bursts from our first official winter storm.

And tonight I grabbed some shots of the girls as we relaxed after dinner by the fire.

This December has definitely rushed in our winter weather yet again.  And there isn't much of an end in sight.  I guess we'll just snuggle in and go with flow for the next 3 or 4 months!