Pure and Precious!!!! | Western Pennsylvania Newborn Photographer

. I was so honored when Jennifer emailed and asked me to take photos for her upcoming newborn.  I met Jennifer a few years ago at a Burgh Mom get together.   I have been keeping up with her stories and hilarious anecdotes about her little girl Maggie on her blog.  So, when I was given an opportunity to meet her crew and take newborn photos - I was thrilled.

I love newborns and everything about them.  Their tiny fingers and toes, the way they are still all curled up and their smell.   Oh yes...the smell.  Sadly, these are also the "blink of an eye" moments where you have a teeny tiny sleepy munchkin one minute, and an alert, chubby, interactive baby a couple weeks later.

I just love taking newborn photos, they can be challenging,  there is a lot of downtime for feedings and diaper changes.   But these first few days are oh-so-precious.  So here are just a few of my favorite shots from dear Audrey's newborn shoot.  And we even got a couple shots with big sister Maggie.  And a couple with mom too!


Thank you all so much!!!!!