An *almost* perfect day

Today was my dear niece's birthday.  We fondly refer to her as "Miss Banana".  She and my two munchkins are 3 peas in a pod.  They love each other to pieces, they have the EXACT same interests, and any day with their cousin is always a day that is way too short. And when that day consists of a birthday party, in a 90 degree pool, in January?  Well, it just can't get better than that.

pool party


On the way home I asked my girls - "Did you have a good time?"

Christina (aka Tina Wina)  responded with a resounding "YES!!!".

And Kallie (aka Kallie Wallie)  responded with "Not really".

So I asked Kallie why (ON EARTH!?)

"They ran out of cheese puffs."

That's my girl!