Appreciating the mundane


As you probably know, I am the mom to 3 little girls, one of which is special needs.  Our dear sweet Caroline, has a rare chromosome disorder that was diagnosed in utero.  That was in 2003.

She wasn't supposed to survive birth.

She wasn't supposed to survive her first year.

She will be celebrating her 8th birthday this year.

I have a website for Caroline that I used to write in quite a bit.  It was a way for me to record all the many issues we faced during those first few years.  And it was a way to actually connect with other parents of children with similar disorders.  I was originally told that there are no other children with a similar disorder in the world.  But my website proved the "experts" wrong when I actually was able to connect with a number of other parents who also thought they were also the only ones.

Since Caroline's health has stabilized and I got busy in other aspects of my life, I began neglecting this website and have only been updating her status once in a great while.

The other day I was talking to a mom I met at my niece's birthday party.  We were just chit chatting about how many kids we have, etc etc and I told her that in addition to my two munchkins at the party, I also had Caroline.  She asked a bit about her and I told her a quick synopsis of her history.  The funny thing was, as soon as I briefly mentioned how we weren't expecting her to survive birth,  my eyes started filling with tears and all those emotions came right to the surface again.  It really surprised me.

Later that night, I started looking at Caroline's old website and read through all my old journal entries.  I was really surprised at how much I have forgotten over the years.  All those details, that I thought were forever ingrained in my memory, are starting to fade.

During those first couple years, when we felt like we were constantly facing a new issue, a new scare, a new unknown, we had a huge appreciation for the mundane.  We appreciated every single second of the days when we were just hanging out at home, making dinners, cleaning,, doing laundry, watching TV, or just not doing much of anything.  We didn't care if it was dark and dreary, raining, snowing, sunny, cold or hot.  We just thanked God that we were home with our girls and not sitting in Children's Hospital worried sick about Caroline, and missing our other girls so much.

As time as passed, and as all those memories fade, I find I am falling into the old habit of complaining about life rather than appreciating the everyday.   I think I may make it a habit of re-reading Caroline's archives more often.  I never want to forget.  I am happy that today I got 3 girls off to school, ran a bunch of errands (in 32 degree, rainy weather), did some cleaning and picking up around the house, and am now just hanging out by the fire waiting to pick up girl #3 from the bus.

The mundane is good.

If you are interested in reading Caroline's story, you can view her site HERE.

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Until next time - enjoy the mundane!!!!